An In-depth Look At Practical Interview Products

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She worked two jobs sometimes, and we got government food. We didn’t know we were poor because my mother always found a way to feed us. How did you get out of the projects? After high school – I graduated from Roxborough High – I went into the Army. From there I went to work for HUD as a civil rights investigator for fair-housing claims. Recently, I’ve switched to doing similar work for the USDA [the Department of Agriculture], which also has rural housing programs. What have you learned about hunger in Philadelphia? A lot of hungry people are working and have homes. The homeless numbers are declining because people are finding housing. visit homepageBut they still come out when we serve food because they can’t afford to both buy food and pay for housing.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit The Interview: Craig Stroman – he couldn’t just look away from homelessness and hunger